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Monday, December 24, 2012

Selecting wool blankets for Homeless Shelters

Many homeless shelters are grateful to receive wool blankets for their clients.

Customers often call Northwest Woolen Mills and ask me what wool blankets are recommended for homeless shelters. 

If you aren't familiar with the homeless shelter, giving them a call is a great start. Ask if they support people living on the street or if they house clients overnight.

In either case, the best relief blanket should have a minimum of 30% wool.  Wool is a natural fiber, holding in body heat during cold weather, yet allowing perspiration to evaporate in both cold and warm temperatures.  Wool blankets also maintain their thermal properties even when wet.

Non-woven wool blankets being distributed at a shelter in Florida

For people living on the street, an inexpensive "non-woven" blanket is an economical choice.  Non-woven means the wool and other fibers are intertwined to make a felt type humanitarian blanket.  These wool blankets are warm and fluffy, keeping the user comfortable.  They are generally not very "pretty", which is a good choice for street living because they will not get stolen from the user.

For homeless shelters that house clients overnight, a "loom-woven" wool blanket is preferred.  This is because the shelter will be washing the wool blankets regularly.  Loom woven wool blankets are durable and long-lasting.

I hope this information is useful in making a decision about which wool blankets to purchase.  Thank you for helping others in need.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yay!  Northwest Woolen Mills is now blogging.
I'm unpacking wool blankets for a rush order
for our HeatSmart Program
So many potential and current customers have questions about wool blankets and the correct style to suit their needs.
No need to wonder anymore. I hope to answer all your questions about wool blankets, so send them on.

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