Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wool Blankets for Camps and the Outdoors

Swimming dock at Camp Wiquanuppek

Summer Camp Memories

I started swimming laps in my pool this week.  Every summer I my endurance seems to pick up where it left off, and I can swim for a really long time.
As I was swimming back and forth last night, I thought of the endless lap swimming I had done at summer camp for seven seasons, and was thankful for this skill that has stayed with me.
Camp Wiquanuppek was on Lake Kanawuake in Bear Mountain, N.Y.  We swam twice daily, honing our skills to achieve the various award levels in the American Red Cross Swimming system.  Swimming laps from the wooden dock to the float seemed far away; it felt like I could swim forever without having to turn around and change direction.

I have shipped out wool blankets to several summer camps this season, and my mind always drifts to happy memories while I'm on the phone or emailing these seasonal customers.  It makes me happy to think of all the boys and girls having outdoor experiences.  I know they are sleeping well under our warm and cozy wool blankets!
What camp memories do you have?

Enjoy the summer,
Northwest Woolen Mills

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