Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wool Blankets are Warmer...A Testimonial

I can honestly say wool blankets are the best!

Last week husband had a cold and was snoring up a storm.  In order to get some sleep, I had to sleep in the spare room.
The room is currently set up for my grandson and his occasional sleepover, with a faux fur polyester blanket imprinted with cartoon images of beagle puppies.

As my husband snored, I grumbled and stumbled into the spare room.  The nights hadn't been very cold, so I had been fine with this polyester blanket; until that night - it was really cold, about 17 degrees.
I pulled the polyester blanket and the little beagles around my body and closed my eyes.  No, this wasn't going to work. I was really tired, and knew a wool blanket was somewhere in the depths of my closet.  I hoped I could find it.
I padded into my room, entered my very cold closet and moved piles of  linens around.  Voila!  There was the wool blanket.
I placed it on top of the polyester beagles and burrowed under both blankets.
Within 10 minutes I was toasty warm, my body heat was being retained by the wool fibers.
I dropped off to sleep...

I've been selling wool blankets at Northwest Woolen Mills for 16 years and proud to say wool blankets are effective!
Stay warm,

Northwest Woolen Mills


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